Thursday, March 27, 2014

Last Day with United Saints :(

Today was our final day of volunteering with United Saints L For the third day, we went to the Stokes house, where we finished applying the first coat of paint on the whole house. We started the second coat on the side where the main road is, the front, and the porch. Today was warmer than yesterday, but towards the end of the day, it started to rain. We all had a lot of fun seeing the progression of the paint on the house and interacting with the family. Today, the little boy that lives in the house came outside to play and help us paint the house. We got to celebrate at lunch today with freezies! The house looks really good and a lot of us conquered our fear of heights and stepped out of our comfort zones by being so far off the ground.

At the end of the day, we had to close up the site and packed everything into our truck instead of storing it in the shed. It was kind of sad leaving the site because since peoples’ spring breaks are coming to a close, they probably won’t have time to get back out there to finish a second coat on the back as well as painting the trim of the house.

Working with this organization on this house has opened our eyes to see how much of a difference we can make to a community that is struggling to pick itself up after the hurricane that happened almost 10 years ago. It made us realize that there is so much to still be done here for the people that are disabled or for people who just don’t have the funds to repair their home.

We are nearing the end of our trip and we have had the opportunity to experience and tour the city to see the damage that has occurred, meet people who have been through the effects of the hurricane, and to be able to participate in helping a family rebuild their lives. We have been exposed to a new culture and a different type of people showing how diverse our country is.

Tonight a group of us are going on a cemetery tour with Emma, one of our project leaders, which we really connected with. Afterwards, another group of us are going on a ghost tour of the French Quarter.

- Kristen and Tina :) 

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