Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 4: More painting at the Stokes' House!

 Day 4 -

We returned to the Stokes' house today for a rather chilly day of painting. New Orleans had cooled down to the lower sixties, a cold snap in the bayou. The house went from a rather dismal, peeling white to a much fresher coat of light brown. Painting took up pretty much the entire work day, but seeing the house take on a more pleasant look of light brown and watching the faces of the Stokes' young children (roughly four and two each) from the windows made the day worth while.

Our group ventured out and tasted some authentic New Orleans food tonight, our choices consisting of roast beef or fried shrimp po' boys (sub sandwiches with lettuce and other toppings, named po' boys because they refer to "poor boy's (food), or what a working class person would eat) and some of the famous Café du Monde's beignets (square, deep-fried puff pastries topped with powdered sugar). Not exactly health food, but New Orleans's foods are worth it.

Tomorrow we will probably return to the Stokes' house to finish the three-day project.


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